Spotlight NABU Users: Introducing Emmanuel

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Each month we spotlight a different NABU User. Thanks to our community-based team in Rwanda we have the ability to connect with NABU Users on a regular basis! This connection allows us to learn more about each user and to ensure high-quality mother tongue content is being delivered in the best way possible.

Chatting to 12-year-old Emmanuel, we learned that the NABU app not only helped him gain stronger literacy but also improved his connection with his mother, father, and siblings.

Emmanuel’s incredible story showcases the way in which NABU’s impact stretches far beyond improved literacy.

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“My name is Emmanuel. My dad is a farmer and my mum does not have a job. I live with both my parents. I travel for two hours on foot to go to the nearest community library, where I am able to access and read books from tablets that have the NABU app. One of my favorite stories on the app is Tuzikubara because it taught me how to count. I also like Vumera – a story about cows and milk. I like the story because I love milk, and the book says that milk makes you smarter. 

Reading from the NABU app has also made me closer to my family. My mum has a chronic illness and she is in constant pain. One day, I shared an animal story I read from NABU with her, and it made her laugh. Reading also helps me spend time with my siblings. When I finish reading a book, I share the story with my brothers and sisters and it makes them happy.  I make sure I walk to the community library at least once every week because I love reading from the NABU app so much.”

It was such a pleasure chatting to Emmanuel! Stay tuned for next months NABU user!

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